Export to CST

SOLIDWORKS PCB now supports CST integration. Files can be exported for use in CST simulations. To access the CST export option, from a PCB document select Outputs | Export | CST. Clicking the CST button launches the ODB Setup dialog.

The ODB Setup dialog allows designers to completely configure file output options. ODB++ is a CAD-to-CAM data exchange format used in the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards. The format was originally developed by Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd., as an open database that could provide a more information-rich data exchange between PCB design software and Valor CAD-CAM software used by PCB fabricators.

ODB Setup Dialog Options/Controls

Layers to Plot

Check the box next to each specific layer(s) you wish to plot as part of the generated output.

Mechanical Layer(s) to Add to All Plots

Check the box next to each mechanical layer(s) you want added to all plots.

Miscellaneous Options

  • ​Include unconnected mid-layer pads - check to allow unconnected pads in the mid-layer on ODB++ plots.
  • Generate DRC Rules export file (.RUL) - check to generate a .RUL file that contains all design rules defined for the source document from which the ODB++ data is being generated.
  • Export only the objects inside the board outline - check to specify the source that is to be used to create the ODB++ profile layer. The profile layer contains the enclosing boundary of the board. By default, this field is set to Board Outline (also referred to as the board shape, it is a closed polygonal shape that defines the boundary, or extents, of the PCB). Created with each new PCB, this is perhaps the best source for creation of the Profile layer. If your design has no associated board shape, you can choose which source PCB layer has been used to define the closed polygon representing the boundary of the board (e.g., the KeepOut layer or a specific Mechanical layer). This option is only available when the source document contains an embedded board array object and it provides control over the extent of objects exported. Note that if an object (e.g., text) is outside of, but touching the board outline and this option is enabled, that object will still be exported.
  • Select the PCB layer / Board Outline that will be used to create the ODB++ 'profile' layer - use the drop down to select the desired layer/board outline:

Plot Layers

Use the drop-down to easily select a group of layers to plot:

  • All On - click to check all boxes in the Plot column (ODB++ data will be created for all checked layers).
  • All Off - click to clear all checked boxes in the Plot column (no ODB++ data will be created). 
  • Used On - click to check all boxes in the Plot column of the layers that are used in the project.

The drop-down also allows you to add and edit a layer class:

  • Add Layer Class - click to add a layer class.
  • Edit Layer Class - click to edit the layer class name. This option is only available when a layer class is selected in Layers to Plot.
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