IPC Compliant Footprint Tools

The IPC Footprint Wizard command (Tools | Footprint | IPC Footprint Wizard) is used to help designers generate PCB footprints that are truly compliant with Revision B of the IPC standard 7351 - Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard. Rather than working directly from footprint dimensions, the IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard uses dimensional information from the component itself, and then calculates suitable pad and other footprint properties in accordance with the algorithms released by the IPC.

The wizards can create the following footprint types: BGA, BQFP, CAPAE, CFP, CHIP, Chip Array, CQFP, DFN, DPAK, LCC, LGA, MELF, MOLDED, PLCC, PQFN, PQFP, PSON, QFN, QFN-2ROW, SODFL, SOIC, SOJ, SON, SOP/TSOP, SOT143/343, SOT223, SOT23, SOT89, SOTFL, and WIRE WOUND.
In accordance with the IPC standard, the Wizards support three footprint variants (_L, _N, _M), each tailored to suit a different board density.



Using the IPC Footprints Batch Generator (Tools | Footprint | IPC Footprint Batch Wizard), designers can generate footprint packages in PCB library files (*.PcbLib) from input files that can be Excel workbooks or comma delimited files.

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