Working with Templates

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The Working with Templates command options.


Use the Working with Template commands to quickly switch between templates, update or remove your current template, and set the default template. Depending on where you access them, you can use the commands to affect changes only on your active document or set the scope of your template commands to affect all open documents or all  current documents in the active project.



Use Templates commands to update or remove the current template and set the scope of the template changes. Access the commands from the ribbon (Project | Content | ).

Command Behavior
Update Current Template Opens Document Options dialog. Use the dialog's Template tab to utilize, and switch between, default schematic document templates, or remove the active template altogether.
Remove Current Template opens Remove Template Graphics dialog which allows you to quickly remove the current template from one or more schematic documents.
The current template file associated with a schematic document can be seen on the Template tab of the Document Options dialog (Project | Content | ).

Project Templates

Use Project Templates commands to open existing templates from local drive and specify where template files are sourced from. Access the commands from the ribbon (Project | Content | » Project Templates).

Command Behavior
Manage Project Template Folder Opens Options for PCB Project dialog in the Options tab. Use this field to specify a directory from which to source schematic template files (*.SchDot, *.SchDoc) for the project. View the dialog page for more information.
Choose a File Allows you to open an existing template from your local drive.

General Templates

Use General Templates to update your current template, set template defaults, or upload a template from your local drive. Access the commands from the ribbon (Project | Content | » General Templates).

Command Behavior
Choose Another File Allows you to open an existing template from your local drive. 
Manage General Template Opens the Schematic »  General page Preferences dialog. Use the Defaults field the specify the default template for new schematic sheets.
Preset Templates (Templates A - Tabloid) Opens Update Templates dialog which allows you to quickly update one or more source schematic documents with any changes to their respective current templates (where used), including any changes that have been made to parametric information (used typically in the title block region of a template sheet).


Within the installation, you can view where the general templates are located on your local drive. From your installation folder location, open Altium » SOLIDWORKS PCB » System » Templates.


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