Text Find and Replace Tools

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There are multiple text find and replace options.


Text Find and Replace tools are a standard capability for most design software, commonly used for everyday editing tasks to quickly identify text or text strings and make changes as necessary. In SOLIDWORKS PCB, you can also use the Text Find and Replace commands to locate components based on their designator.

The included Text Find and Replace commands include:

  • Find Text and Find Next
  • Jump to Component
  • Find Similar Objects
  • Replace Text

Find Text

The Find Text command launches the Find Text dialog which allows you to designate which text to search for, as well as where to search for it. Limit the search of your scope to the active document, or search all open documents. You can limit the search to only selected objects or by net identifiers or designators. Visit the Find Text dialog page for more information.

  • Execute the command by clicking Find from the ribbon.  Tools | Find and Replace |   to open the Find Text dialog.

After designating search terms and clicking OK to run the text find, the Find Text - Jump dialog will automatically open if there are multiple instances of the search term. You can also open the Find Text - Jump dialog by executing the Find Next command.  This dialog allows you to move between the located terms by clicking  Previous or Next. Visit the Find Text - Jump dialog page for more information.

  • Execute the command by clicking  Tools | Find and Replace | » Find Next to open Find Text - Jump dialog.

Replace Text

The Replace Text command works similar to and has comparable search parameters to the Find Text command, but also allows you to replace searched for text. The command opens the Find and Replace Text dialog. Visit the dialog's page for more information.


  • You can use Find Similar Objects to locate existing text by selecting strings or designators. Visit the dialog page for more information.
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