Place Specific NoERC

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The Place Specific NoERC dialog.


Use the Place Specific NoERC dialog to configure and suppress specific violations. The dialog will present detected net errors after the document is compiled, with various options to suppress errors. Use this to deliberately limit error checking at a certain point in the circuit that you know will generate a warning (such as an unconnected pin), while still performing a comprehensive check of the rest of the circuit.


The Place Specific NoERC dialog can be accessed by clicking through from Home | Circuit Elements | Directives and selecting Place Specific NoERC.


  • Compile Errors by Net - This region presents compilation errors grouped by associated net. Each error is listed in terms of its compiler violation type and includes the location within the source document where that error is occuring.
    • Suppress - Enable this option to suppress the associated error.
  • Recompile project - Recompile the document with the selected errors suppressed.
  • Automatically recompile - Automatically recompiles the document with selected errors suppressed, after closing the dialog by clicking OK.
  • Show selected net - Dims the rest of the document while highlighting the selected net.
  • Automatically show selected - Click to automatically highlight nets as you select them from the Compile Errors by Net list.


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